Not all data centers are created equal.

The TeleProviders experts will walk you through designing a colocation solution that is perfect for your business. Leverage our expertise to help you navigate the complexities of your business needs and harness the nuances which distinguish different colocation Providers.

We will match your specific needs to the right Provider with the right environmental and technical qualities that meet all of your present and future requirements.

How do you know which data center and provider
will meet your future needs?

We will match your needs with:

  • Proven Provider Stability – 100% Uptime for those businesses supporting mission critical operations

  • 24/7 Armed Security at Secured Locations

  • Advanced Environmental Controls

  • Customizable Monitoring and Critical Systems Analysis

  • Build-to-suit Infrastructure for the Most Demanding Requirements

  • Geographical Requirements; Current, Future, Domestic US and Global

  • Leading Industry Certifications

  • HIPAA, Financial and other Industry Compliance

  • Multi-level, Scalable Technical Support

  • Access to Cloud Pods or Managed Services

  • State-of-the-Art Connectivity

  • Long Term Power Density Requirements