TeleProviders is a consulting and sourcing firm that will consult, navigate and source the technology services critical for your business.

Simply put, TeleProviders is a Master Agency for the Providers identified on our partner page. We are representatives for these Providers in very much the same way as their own sales people are. The most obvious difference is that we are a distribution channel for many Providers giving us a unique advantage in finding the best fit for your organization.

We have been doing this for 18 years. We manage over 60 million in combined annual billing for our customer’s voice, data, mobility and cloud services and we know which Providers do what best, where and at what costs.

This combination of experience and access is what sets us apart from the rest.

We bring you smarter technology buying choices, compressed procurement cycles, and reduced hassle of interfacing with multiple technology providers.

Maximize efficiency while minimizing time to deliver

Our vast portfolio of telecommunication, mobility, data center and cloud Solution Providers allows us to find and source just the right offerings for you, so you don’t have to.

Why invite multiple sales people into your life explaining why they are the best choice for your organization, when we can act as a filter and cut to the chase?

To say we are unbiased is not entirely true. With experience comes educated choices, choices that will minimize the cycle of implementing the services you most likely needed yesterday.


The relationships TeleProviders has with the Providers has been one that we have built over many years.

Our Providers understand that we have choices as far as who we recommend to our customers and they really want us to use them.  This inherent leverage benefits our customers in a unique way in that the quality of your experience will influence our recommendations of which Provide to use moving forward.

We stick around

So we found the right solution, we worked to get the best price points and assisted with the contract negotiation.

Now we assign a dedicated project manager to insure a smooth installation and that will ensure your invoices are correct moving forward. We’re here for you for the life of the services we recommend. Our team will go above and beyond to prove to you that the decision you made to work with TeleProviders was the right one, and one that you will gladly make again.