Where our strategy for each client is custom, the following is a good outline as to what an organization can expect when working with TeleProviders. As a valued client, you are assigned a dedicated Network Specialist and Project Manager who proficiently facilitates each variable associated with your account. Our highly experienced team will manage this process with our clients only providing the raw data. The results of this process have been proven over a 10-year period as an extremely effective way to successfully manage both the applications and their related costs.

Client Goals

There are many reasons why we are contacted for services: lost control of inventory, high monthly costs, turn-up or downturns in business, but the bottom line is understanding that the clients? goals – and adhering to them – is the most important part of the process. From here, we will know exactly what to do.

Inventory and Audit/Clean Up

A TeleProviders Network Specialist will look at each location to identify and inventory all existing services and audit their associated costs. This discovery process is intended to create an accurate picture of the current Telco environment.

Once the audit and inventory are complete, we work with our clients to determine what services are being used and what can be canceled, what services could be better scaled, what services can be replaced with more cost efficient ones, and what services can be purchased at lower costs.

Carrier Matching

Now that we have a clear picture of what needs to be done to meet our clients’ goals,  we begin our process working with our Carrier partners to find the best fit. Price, Client history, service footprint, and application expertise all come into play when choosing the right Carrier.

Implementation Management/Ongoing Support

Once a solution is chosen, we begin the process of disconnecting and ordering services. A TeleProviders “Project Manager” will work with our Network Specialist, the appropriate carriers and the hardware vendor, to manage this process. We will also coordinate all activities between site contacts, hardware vendors and carriers to insure a smooth transition of services. Each client will have dedicated support from their Network Specialist and Operations Manager for moves, adds, disconnects, and general customer service.